Preparations for a workshop on the potential application of new concepts and tools to support sustainable development of SMEs

Preparations are underway for a workshop aimed at better preparing for planning and implementing support in situations characterized by unpredictability and complexity, where previously used concepts and tools cannot contribute to the creation and maintenance of the resilience of SMEs.

The workshop will be held on October 4th and 5th at the “Čardaci” ethno village in Vitez, and participation is expected from teams representing the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska, the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Department for Economic Development, Sports, and Culture of Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Institute for Programming of Development, Zenica Development Agency ZEDA, the Development Agency of East Sarajevo RAIS, the Trebinje Development Agency TREDEA, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka. The workshop will also be attended by teams from the “SBA in BiH2EU” projects (Eda and SERDA), “EU4DigitalSME” (GIZ), as well as the „Sustainable growth project“ (UNDP) and “Local Economic Development” project (Caritas Switzerland).

The workshop is organized as part of the activities of the project “Advanced implementation of the Small Business Act BiH2EU – SBA in BiH2EU” which is implemented by Eda in cooperation with the Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA and funded by Sweden.