Companies from Zenica were awarded vouchers for the introduction of innovations worth KM 100,000

In cooperation with Zenica Development Agency ZEDA, the City of Zenica and Eda, as part of the Public Call for Grants from the Mechanism for Support of the Implementation of SME Development Strategies (SIEM) of the project “SBA in BiH” eight business entities were selected and contracts on the allocation of grants were concluded.

Vouchers were awarded to the following companies from the sectors of metal processing, wood processing and food industry: Aksa d.o.o, Empress d.o.o, Fedi d.o.o, Orijent d.o.o, Rima pak d.o.o, Glovis d.o.o, DES dizajn d.o.o. and Zenica Milk Industry – ZIM d.d. The total value of the awarded grant funds based on the voucher program is KM 100,000, while the total value of the implemented projects is KM 152,584.

Through the process of introducing innovations that ensure the improvement of existing or development of new products / services or business processes, support is provided to various activities, primarily in the field of process digitization such as optimization and reduction of production process costs, process optimization and control of working hours and implementation of an online human resource management platform, a program to consolidate sales and customer loyalty, and more. In addition, the implementation of projects related to rebranding and brand modernization, as well as other types of improvements in the field of marketing were supported. The implementation of the approved projects is in progress.

Projects for the introduction of innovations in companies from Zenica are part of efforts to improve the SBA profile of Bosnia and Herzegovina in dimension 8b – Innovation Policy for SMEs, and are supported through the project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH”, implemented by Eda – Enterprise Development Agency and funded by Sweden.