Eda as a partner in regional projects

Eda is interested in cooperation in regional projects, where it can be a reliable, proactive, and creative partner. We believe that there are many opportunities for synergy in interactions with partner organizations. Our experiences, references, and acquired credibility can contribute to better design and implementation of projects related to:

  • Enterprise development with a focus on their digital transformation, energy transition, and innovation,
  • Smart specialization,
  • Policy development and harmonization with EU policies,
  • Local and regional economic development,
  • Decentralization and public administration development.


Eda as an implementer of complex projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Key donors in Bosnia and Herzegovina entrust us with the management of increasingly demanding projects, and large international implementers and donors are engaging us more often in carrying out project components where, in addition to deep and specific knowledge, a special sensitivity to the local context and relationships among stakeholders is required. Thanks to our developed capacities, a stable and complementary team, and decades of experience, Eda is a reliable implementer of complex projects.

Feel free to download our Organisation Profile and to contact us for the exchange of experiences, discussions about potential collaboration in project development ideas, and project implementation via email: [email protected]

We look forward to opportunities for collaboration!