Our team

Zdravko Miovcic, MSc in Management (Solving Development Problems), is the director of Eda. He has more than 20 years of proven experience in consultancy, research and facilitation/moderation in relation to local/regional development, SME development and good governance. He has participated in more than 40 international projects in B&H and Serbia, in half of them as project manager teal leader. As lead trainer and consultant, he has prepared more than 50 local development teams for strategic planning of development. He has a status of international expert and he is occasionally engaged on development projects outside B&H. He is an associate of Mesopartner (www.mesopartner.com), a knowledge firm specialised in economic development, competitiveness and innovation since 2014. Zdravko is author of nine published books in the areas of decision-making and development management. His articles were published in international journals that are focused on local development and local governance. He has published four books of poetry and for one of them he has received the prestigious award “Skender Kulenović”. E-mail: zmiovcic[at]edabl.org

Srecko Bogunovic, MSc in Economics, from University of Zagreb, Croatia, is currently CEO of Eda, Leadership and Development LLC., Banja Luka. Out of 30 years of overall working experience most of it was related to managing financial institutions and development projects. After initial working experience in exports, he spent 8 years managing 11 different projects supported by the World Bank, primarily related to financial sector development, SME and local economic development, while also performing a duty of advisor to the prime minister in the field of relations with international financial institutions, for the period of two years. He spent total of 15 years in banking, out of it 7 years as a CEO in two different banks. During the last three years he was focused on managing and implementation of projects related to SME support, including strengthening their competitive position, and local economic development, mainly as a lecturer/instructor, consultant and researcher. In addition to the extensive managerial experience, consulting and experience in research, he participated in numerous expert conferences, seminars and educations within the field of finance and economy. E-mail: srecko.bogunovic[at]edabl.org

Goran Jankovic is Master of Economics and works in Eda as senior advisor and researcher. He worked on design, implementation and monitoring of local and regional development projects, participated in delivery of training and providing technical assistance to local development teams in processes of preparation of integrated development strategies and building capacities for implementation of strategies, including preparation and delivery of training for design and implementation of projects by applying PCM and for using EU funds. He is certified EUTaC trainer and DEZA/GTZ consultant. In work with enterprises, he performed activities in areas of market development and marketing management, as well as in area of analyzes and defining measures for business development. Participated in preparation and implementation of a research based on the complexity theory – Cynefin framework and application of the SenseMaker software. Writes about development at the blog Nuances of Development. E-mail: goran.jankovic[at]edabl.org

Jelena Prohaska has BSc in economics and works in Eda as a Senior Researcher and Adviser. She has more than 15 years of experience in preparation and implementation of different researches and analysis. She has gained experience in the preparation, implementation and analysis of data from statistical researches and surveys during her work in the national statistical agency. She was involved in many national and international projects and gained experience in working with international organizations (World Bank, UNDP, ILO, GIZ…). She has extensive experience in strategic planning and local development, which has gained in working with over 30 municipalities and cities in BiH. She participated in the development and implementation of methodology for localization of the Small Business Act (in more than 20 municipalities in BiH). She has participated in preparation and implementation of a research based on the complexity theory – Cynefin framework and application of the SenseMaker software. Also, she has participated in the preparation and implementation of gender equality projects at the local level. She speaks English language and uses statistical programs for data processing and analysis SPSS and STATA. E-mail: jprohaska[at]edabl.org

Aleksandar Draganic is employed at Eda on the position of the  Research and Policy Development Coordinator. He has more than 15 years of experience in implementation of development projects in BiH. Holds Masters Degree in Economics from the Staffordshire University (UK) with MA thesis „Corruption and business environment – case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Provides expertise and support to public administration reform projects, as well as other projects in the area of his competences (anti-corruption, public procurement, economic and socio-economic development). Has more than 10 years of experiences in implementation of various anti-corruption projects as researcher/trainer/consultant. As expert and trainer, participated in creation of more than 25 local government development strategies and anticoruption/integrity plans at local level in BiH. Participated in preparation of many studies and policy papers ordered by government and international organizations (UK FCO, UNDP, OSCE, USAID/GAP, World Bank, Fridrich Ebert Stiftung, OSI, Transparency International), as well as in creation of laws and legislation in B&H. Actively involved in B&H civil society and their projects. Author, co-author and editor of more than 10 books and publications. E-mail: adraganic[at]edabl.org

Milos Sipragic is MSc in Economics and works in Eda as a Senior Researcher and Editor. He has significant experiences in design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative market research, situational analyses, trainings in regard to (international) marketing, branding, communications and PR. He is certified trainer of export management by the Representative Office of German Chamber of Commerce in BiH – AHK BiH and DEZA/GTZ consultant. He is experienced in designing and implementation of communication activities within projects financed by the EU and other donors. Author and co-author of several publications, articles and blogs on (place) marketing, communications and management. E-mail: milos.sipragic[at]edabl.org

Brankica Radulovic is MSc in Economics and works in Eda as a Governance and Local Development Adviser. She works on preparation and implementation of measures for improvement of competitiveness of enterprises and measures for improvement of work of local government. She has rich experience earned through performing duties in economy in area of financial management and through work in local government performing duties related to strategic planning, managing local development processes and improvement of organization and operations of local government. Also, she has experience gained through participation in international projects of economic development and projects focusing on creating and implementing new solutions in local government. In addition, she has significant managerial experience in leading interdisciplinary teams in solving development problems. E-mail: brankica.radulovic[at]edabl.org

Pavle Miovčić is MSc in spatial planning and is employed in Eda as a researcher and moderator. He has participated in preparation and implementation of a research based on the complexity theory – Cynefin framework and application of the SenseMaker software. He successfully passed GIZ training on moderation and owns practical experience. As a team member, he gained experience in making and revising development strategies and other strategic documents in B&H. He participated in making first citizen budgets in B&H. During CREDO Krajina project, he was co-author on Business Environment Barometer of SMEs (editions 2, 3 and 4), and A more beautiful side of success: Successful women in economy. He writes about development at the blog Pieces and Wholes. E-mail: pavle.miovcic[at]edabl.org

Bojan Kovacevic is a graduated lawyer and he is employed in Eda as a Legal Adviser. He has 10 years of experience in activities focusing on development of SMEs and entrepreneurship, earned from working in the Agency for development of small and medium enterprises of Republika Srpska and in Eda. He has significant experience in projects of analysis of situation related to business environment in BiH and design of programs and projects aimed at its improvement, as well as in preparation of support programs for SMEs. Also, in previous engagements he has gained specific knowledge in the field of internal organization and administrative procedures, especially in the area of ​public procurement, labor relations, statutory issues etc. E-mail: bojan.kovacevic[at]edabl.org

Nina Vukmir is Bachelor of Economics – financial manager and works as the Accountant in the Eda. She is accountant certified by The Association of Accountants and Auditors RS, certified EU TaC trainer for SMEs in the area of finance and USAID Qualified Business Finance Consultant. She has excellent knowledge of local legal regulations relevant for financial management and experience in performing accounting and bookkeeping operations, as well as in preparing budgets for donor-funded projects and reporting on funds implementation. Also, she has experience in providing training and technical assistance for entrepreneurs (micro business and SMEs) in preparing applications for grants schemes and credit applications, preparation of business plans and cash flows and in promoting access to finance, earned through participation in Start your Business, EUPER, CREDO Krajina and other projects. She also participated in conducting research and analysis activities. E-mail: nvukmir[at]edabl.org

Biljana Markovic has a degree in entrepreneurship management. In Eda she works as Administrator. She conducts administrative tasks within the EU and other donor funded projects, including support to managing financial and human resources related documentation, participation in conducting research, preparation of reports and promotional activities. Duties also include organizational support for implementation of project activities. E-mail: bmarkovic[at]edabl.org