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Eda, 20 years – How we change (also changing ourselves)

Author Eda

Description: On the occasion of the anniversary – 20 years of successful work of Eda, we published a publication describing what we do and how we do it, who we cooperate with, who we learn from, how we change (also changing ourselves) and what kind of approach, frameworks and tools we use. In the publication, we also described our experiences with the challenges we have faced, such as: innovations, unemployment, anti-corruption, public procurement monitoring, transparency and accountability of public companies, local development, etc. Several methodologies and tools developed by Eda were also presented as well as how others perceive us. The Eda’s team and several anecdotes from our work were presented at the end. The publication is available only in local language.

Year of release: 2018

Authors: Zdravko Miovčić, Goran Janković, Jelena Prohaska, Aleksandar Draganić, Miloš Šipragić, Bojan Kovačević, Pavle Miovčić, Dušan Vasiljević i Shawn Cunningham

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