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European Instruments and Our Experiences in Supporting Enterprises’ Competitiveness

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Description: The first working paper is a call for thinking and acting differently in regard to the application of the European Small Business Act in the Western Balkans’ countries. The key question is: can one systematic and regulated approach, with good practices that have naturally matured in a well regulated environment, as is the characteristic of European countries with developed industry, be artificially replanted into a completely different, transitional environment, which is being radically changed and into the situational context which, most often, is characterized by uncertainty, instability, unreliability and unpredictability. Experiences based on the practices so far have shown that this cannot be the case. This working paper indicates the main road for improving the methodology – using a different approach that should be adjusted to complex situations we face with very often when deal with competitiveness issues.

Year of release: 2016

Author: Zdravko Miovčić

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