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How to improve the implementation of SME development strategies and plans? Mechanism, results, experiences and recommendations

Author Eda

Description: The publication presents the instrument that Eda used within the project “SBA in BiH”. We called the instrument the SIEM – Strategy Implementation Enabling Mechanism, to highlight its core function, which is to strengthen the component/phase of implementation in the SME development management cycle. SIEM is in the mature phase of development, at the transition from the first phase of implementation (2018-2021) to the second, advanced phase (2022-2024). The publication was prepared within the project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH”. The guide is available only in the local language.

Year of release: 2021.

Authors: Zdravko Miovčić, Brankica Radulović, Bojan Kovačević, Miloš Šipragić and Goran Janković

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