IT training for the unemployed with financial support

As a part of the planned activities of the MarketMakers project, a financial mechanism has been prepared that will enable loan financing of priority IT trainings for the unemployed young people not able to provide financial resources for this purpose. At the beginning of February, this mechanism will be promoted, allowing deferred payment of training costs up to 80% of the total training costs, and grace period will cover duration of the training and additional time needed for job search (maximum 12 months). Trainees would start with loan repayment only after finding a job and securing a regular income. In addition to the MarketMakers Project, which provides a part of the funds needed for the guarantee of loan repayment, leading IT training providers B&H – Lanaco and IT Academy (Link group) will also take part in the scheme, while the loans would be provided by the MF Bank. Thanks to the project arrangement, the beneficiaries – trainees will not pay interest on the used funds. The training will be conducted in the area of ​​Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

The MarketMakers project is supported by the HELVETAS Office, Swiss Intercooperation in B&H.