New look of Eda – 25 years of creation

On the occasion of the anniversary – 25 years of successful work of Eda, we have redesigned the visual identity and website of Eda. The new visual identity reflects the evolution of our thinking, learning, and the way we work, which is based on a new paradigm that embraces complexity and resilience.

To find out what and how we have been working on in the past 5 years, what vision we have for the upcoming period, and how we will strive to transform that vision into reality, please check out our new publication “Eda 25 Years – by CREATING vs Corrupting“.

We would be delighted to hear your impressions and even more thrilled to exchange experiences and ideas, as well as evaluate opportunities for collaboration on new projects that may make Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans a better place to live and do business.