Participate in unique research on improvements and changes in SMEs

Eda has initiated a research project that is different from previous ones, as it is thematically challenging and practically more interesting in its approach. It is different primarily because the participants in the research play a key role in choosing their own experiences and insights to include in the study, as well as in interpreting their significance. Moreover, it is engaging for participants, encourages reflection, and enhances the understanding of real situations in which we find ourselves and want to change for the better.

We are using SenseMaker, a new tool that enables the entry and analysis of short stories based on the personal experience of respondents, who at the same time give meaning to their stories themselves. This tool is being applied for the first time in our country after several successful trials.

Through this research, we aim to improve the understanding of the specific challenges that businesses face and the improvements that directors are trying to implement for the development of the companies they lead. The research findings will be used to enhance policies and support instruments for SMEs in the country, in collaboration with international organizations and domestic institutions.

Therefore, we invite companies from all economic sectors to participate in the research and share their experiences through an online questionnaire: Anonymity is guaranteed.

The research is conducted by Eda – Enterprise Development Agency, as part of the project “Advanced implementation of the Small Business Act BiH2EU – SBA in BiH2EU,” with the support of the Embassy of Sweden.