Promotion of industrial occupations

With the support of the project “Partnership for quality jobs and competitiveness”, in organization of the Center of Secondary Schools “Ivo Andrić”, the Grammar School and the Music School “Konstantin Babić” from Prnjavor, within the informative day on enrollment of pupils in the first grade of high schools, promotion of industrial occupations conducted today.

A plan for enrollment in the Center of Secondary Schools “Ivo Andrić” was presented to pupils, among which are departments where pupils are educated for vocational occupations which are in significant demand by industrial enterprises from Prnjavor: mechanical engineering and metal processing, forestry and wood processing, electrical engineering as well as agriculture and food processing. It was pointed out that the cabinet  for practical education is well equipped and that new equipment (CNC with complementary software) is available, which greatly contributes to gaining of knowledge and skills needed for particular occupations. Students also had the opportunity to watch video clips and take brochures which promote secondary vocational education and present some occupations from the perspective of those who recently graduated from high school and started working in local enterprises.

In order to make the program even more interesting and useful, the young actors of the youth ensemble of the drama scene “Prosvjeta” from Prnjavor, performed an effective thematic performance that presents different starting points in reflecting about the future occupation and the importance of these choices. At the center of the story there are children who come from different backgrounds and who bring in different thoughts and choices, either their own or imposed. They all meet and talk at their current playground – an imagined crossroad, from which everyone will go their separate ways. The epilogue is brought by an older friend, already a high school student, who explains them that the way is different for each of them and that everyone should follow their own signs …

Organised promotional event of industrial occupations is part of the project “Partnership for quality jobs and competitiveness”. The project is funded under the project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO).