Workshop “Strengthening and harmonizing support for export oriented enterprises”

On June 26 and 27, a workshop “Strengthening and harmonizing support for export-oriented enterprises” was held in Teslic. Representatives of export-oriented firms, relevant ministries and institutions, chambers of commerce, as well as experts who support SMEs in introducing standards, discussed the problems and challenges faced by export-oriented companies in global value chains. Experiences and ideas regarding strengthening and harmonizing support for export-oriented SMEs have been exchanged, particularly with regard to standardization. Participants mapped the current system of support to SMEs, as well as possible support enhancements. The participants also analyzed the interactions that are taking place between the participants of the process.

The workshop was held within the project SBA in BiH. The project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH” is financed by Sida through the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina.