A brochure on successful women in economy of Prnjavor published

Although most of the company is owned by men and although it is considered that enterprises, especially industrial, are managed by men, it is shown in practice that in a significant number of companies, women perform and lead key jobs such as financial management, production organization and communication with clients. In Prnjavor, there are many women who successfully perform these tasks, and in brochure “Successful Women in Economy of Prnjavor”, we tried to present inspirational and interesting details about several successful women with whom, to our happiness and satisfaction, we successfully cooperate.

The brochure was prepared within the project “Partnership for Quality Jobs and Competitiveness” financed under the project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in B&H” and it is available in local language: https://bit.ly/2OOUzpf.

Local partnership Prnjavor is one of 19 partnerships established in the country within the project “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in B&H”, funded by the European Union with 4 million EUR and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO), which aims to re-qualify nearly 2,000 unemployed persons and employ at least 620 of them in 22 local government units.

The partnership consists of Enterprise Development Agency Eda (lead partner), Municipality of Prnjavor, Employment Bureau, Secondary School Center “Ivo Andrić” and companies MI Trivas and Topling.