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A guide for harmonization of policies and instruments that promote and support the greening of SMEs in BiH

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Description: The guide contains: 1) assessment of the expected impacts of decarbonization in the industry in the EU on industrial SMEs in BiH that will encourage their greening, 2) review of identified barriers to energy efficiency in industrial SMEs in BiH and analysis of measures implemented in countries comparators in the region and developed EU countries to overcome them, 3) review and critical analysis of current strategies, plans, policies and instruments to support energy efficiency in SMEs in BiH, 4) assessment of the effectiveness of selected policies and measures and readiness of key actors in BiH for the development of institutional infrastructure to support energy efficiency in SMEs and 5) proposal of basic concepts and organizational models on which may be established an efficient infrastructure to support the greening of SMEs in BiH.

The guide was prepared within the project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH”. The guide is available only in the local language.

Year of release: 2021.

Author: Mr. Mirza Kušljugić


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