Organizations and Social Networks

We have been working for ten years to connect SMEs and create networks that strengthen their competitiveness and innovation in various sectors. This effort began in 2013 with the CREDO Krajina project, which initiated the formation of sector boards in export-oriented sectors. Over time, the boards for metalworking and woodworking merged and grew into the Export-oriented Industrial Innovation Network, which took concrete forms and focuses through the KRIN and NOVALIS projects, involving new interested parties from SMEs, support institutions, educational, and research and development organizations. We now support the piloting of networks for the energy transition of SMEs, transitioning from the Triple Helix model to the Quadruple Helix.

In the coming period, we plan to encourage the creation of a network of practitioners to support the development of SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to expand and strengthen networks for innovation and energy transition.

We aim to revitalize and improve our earlier rich “Edapedic” experience in forming and leading a wide network of local leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, occasionally reinforced by the most successful local leaders from neighboring countries.

Eda develops specific forms of applied knowledge and shares that knowledge with others, using the PKM – Personal Knowledge Management, whose motto is: seek – sense – share, encouraging members of our team and collaborators to create and expand their own personal networks, thereby contributing to the expansion of our common network and strengthening Eda’s catalytic role in developing knowledge that can contribute to effective responses to challenges in the areas in which we operate.

We are active on several social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in an effort to convey useful and interesting information about what we do, share our experiences and thoughts, and receive feedback from those who follow us and share our common interests.