Accredited new methods of testing metal materials and products at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in East Sarajevo

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from East Sarajevo has completed the implementation of the project “Accreditation of testing methods for metal materials and products made of metal materials – AISMA”. Within the project, the Faculty is equipped with machines, equipment and tools for metallographic testing of materials (machine for cutting samples by external cooling, machine for polishing samples and microscope, measuring equipment).

Also, within the project, the laboratory staff for accreditation according to ISO 17025 was trained and methods in the field of mechanical testing were accredited – metals and alloys (tensile testing – at room temperature, bending testing, testing by the destruction of welds on metallic materials and tensile testing of transverse samples), as well as in the field of metallographic testing (testing by the destruction of welded joints on metallic materials, microscopic testing, determination of the content of non-metallic inclusions, as well as microscopic determination of the apparent grain size). In addition, a method for macroscopic examination of welded joints on metallic materials has been accredited.

Thanks to the project, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering East Sarajevo is implementing a scientific research project with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana “Research and analysis of modern technologies by combining various materials used in the development of lightweight structures.” The installed equipment is integrated into the education process through practical exercises in the I and II cycle of studies.

So far, the Faculty has signed four agreements on business and technical cooperation with companies from the metal sector and is currently working on informing business partners and other companies about the future possibilities of accredited testing of metal materials and metal products.

The implemented project in the amount of 88,000 KM is part of the activities for improving the SBA profile of Bosnia and Herzegovina in dimension 7 – Standards and technical regulations, and is supported through the project “European framework for strategy and policy development for small and medium enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina – SBA in BiH” implemented by Eda – Enterprise Development Agency and financed by Sweden.