An informative class for participants of the programming training held

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The first informative class for participants of the programming training was held at the premises of Lonac HUB in Banja Luka. The informative class was organized by Technetis within the MarketMakers’ “Pilot Project of Financing Mechanism for Financing IT Training with Deferred Payment”, funded by the Government of Switzerland.

On this occasion, representatives of Technetis presented the program of the training and explained how it will be organized. The representatives of Eda presented a new supporting mechanism for implementation of IT training. It is an interest-free credit line, established as a result of an agreement and collaboration between the MarketMakers, Eda, MF Bank and IT training providers, which enables the trainees to pay 80% of training cost by using the interest-free credit line, without paying any interest (they repay only the amount they borrow) and with a grace period of 9 months, which should be enough time to find a job with newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The MarketMakers project is funded by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the consortium Helvetas and Kolektiv /

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