Are you thinking about starting your own business and love to travel?

Eda – Enterprise Development Agency has announced a call for young entrepreneurs within the program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” . The cross-border exchange program of the European Union “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” gives you the opportunity to:

☑ travel to one of the countries of the region or the European Union ?

☑ collaborate with experienced and successful entrepreneurs ?

☑ get valuable advice that will help you develop your business idea, improve your business plan and start your business ?

In addition to this, you will also get some financial resources for travel and accommodation expenses ?

This opportunity has already been used by several proactive entrepreneurs from BiH and their experiences are excellent!

Mr. Mladen Šarac from Pale intends to open a translation agency, so he applied for the “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” program and stayed with the host entrepreneur, the Laurus Translations Agency from Belgrade. The visit was very useful for him to improve his business plan.

Ms. Jasmina Đonlagić from Livno is involved in the production of domestic eco products and wants to start selling them. She stayed in Split with experienced entrepreneur Ms. Katija Bogunović, who supported her in the preparation of new products and digital marketing.

Mr. Rijad Cerić from Jajce wants to open an education center, so with the support of the program he stayed in Ljubljana with the host entrepreneur – Zavod Bob and gained a lot of valuable experience there.

? If you are thinking about starting your business or have started it in the previous 3 years, you like to travel and you want to expand your network of contacts, take the opportunity and apply for participation in the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs.

Complete the online form by 5/9/2022 and we will send you detailed information about the program and how to apply. Eda’s team will support you in the process of registration, finding a host entrepreneur and exchange.

ℹ For additional information, feel free to contact us via email [email protected] or phone 051/300-241.