The comparative study „Transparency and Accountability of Public Enterprises in the EU and Western Balkans“ published

The comparative study consists of a set of articles written by several authors, analyzing functioning of public sector in the aforementioned countries, legal and institutional framework regarding establishing and functioning of public enterprises, transparency of planning and reporting of public enterprises, as well as responsibility of public enterprises towards their owners and other stakeholders including general public and customers.

The study also presents findings of research on transparency and accountability of public enterprises in B&H, earlier conducted on sample of 100 public enterprises, clearly showing that situation in this area is not satisfactory.

At the end of the study, recommendations were provided, whose implementation would improve operations of public enterprises in Western Balkans through greater level of their transparency and accountability.

A comparative study was prepared within the project “Transparent and accountable public enterprises in B&H”, financed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The study in local language can be downloaded here.