Development Strategy of the Municipality of Bileca 2020 – 2029

In accordance with the decision of the Municipality of Bileća to plan its engagement in local development, Eda was contracted to provide technical support to the Municipal Development Team in the process of drafting the Integrated Development Strategy of the Municipality of Bileca for the period 2020 – 2029.

Municipal Development Team, in cooperation and with the support of Eda’s team, has been intensively working on the preparation of the strategic document in recent months. The team workshop was held on 3.12.2019, in Bileca, in order to finalize the contents of the documents under development. The work to date has outlined the drafts of socio-economic analysis (available at and visions, strategic and sectoral goals (available at The gathering of feedback on the prepared documents by the citizens and the diaspora of Bileca Municipality is ongoing.

According to the collected suggestions, the final phase of strategy development will be approached – an operational part within which a list of priority projects will be defined, to be used to support the development of the municipality in the coming period. The draft document will be subject to review and approval by the Municipal Assembly of Bileca, in early 2020.