Financial support for training in programming and information technology for unemployed

Within the MarketMakers’ “Pilot Project of Financing Mechanism for Financing IT Training with Deferred Payment”, funded by the Government of Switzerland, a supporting mechanism for implementation of programming and information technology training was prepared. The training is intended for young, unemployed persons who wish to acquire practical and -marketable knowledge in the field of programming and information technology, and who cannot afford to pay for such training.

Research conducted within the project has shown that many young people are eager to further develop their education in this field, but this is not possible due to lack of money to pay for relatively expensive training. That is why the great potential that exists in this field remains untapped, while the high demand for programmers and other IT professionals in the labor market remains unmet.

Thanks to the cooperation of the MarketMakers project, Eda – Enterprise Development Agency, MF Bank and training providers (companies Lanaco and Technetis from Banja Luka), an agreement was reached on establishing an interest-free credit line by the MF Bank, so trainees would pay only 20% of the costs during training, while for the remaining 80% they can get a loan from MF Bank. The special benefit is that trainees do not pay interest on that loan (therefore, they repay only the amount they borrow), and they start repaying it only after 9 months, which should be enough time to find a job with newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The project is also supported by the Employment Bureau of Republika Srpska with the aim of successfully launching of the new supporting mechanism.

We believe that in this way programming and information technology training will become more accessible, and that youth will recognize this opportunity and attend practical training that may provide them a job and a better future.

More information about the training and their funding is available on the websites of the training companies – Lanaco and Technetis.