It is important to assure continuity of the sector boards’ work

Within the project KRIN – creation of a regional innovation network, the fourth, joint meeting of sector boards of metal and wood processing industries was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of the RS Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, the RS Ministry of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Forestry, as well as directors of companies from metal and wood processing industries.

At the meeting, role and work of the sector boards were discussed, observations from study visits shared and suggestions for improving situation regarding innovations formulated. The participants emphasized importance of identifying specific products that have a relatively high added value and market price, that can be produced by existing production capacities, which would contribute to improving business operations. Importance of interventions that can provide visible results in a short time in solving priority problems such as training, consultancy services etc., as well as initiating changes aimed at creating systemic solutions such as appropriate policies in education, were also discussed. The participants emphasized the importance of assuring of continuity of the sector boards’ work with possible broadening of their members with representatives of relevant institutions and companies.

Project is co-financed by the European Union within the joint programme of the European Union and the German Government for local self-government and economic development in BiH – EU ProLocal, which is implemented by GIZ. The project budget is 233.795 BAM co-financed by the European Union in the amount of 186.498 BAM. The project contributes to improved competitiveness of SMEs in sectors of metal and wood processing in local communities Prijedor, Kozarska Dubica, Gradiška, Laktaši, Prnjavor, Derventa, Banja Luka, through networking of key stakeholders and solving market failures. More information about the project is available here.