Mapping of institutions for product conformity assessment

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Description: The study was prepared from the perspective of SMEs. For them it is very important that conformity assessment bodies are accessible, having in mind both their location and prices. By mapping, it was covered a wide region where conformity assessment bodies are located, which are still sufficiently “close” to SMEs in B&H and offer affordable services. It was also located where some of the initial prerequisites exist, primarily in terms of capacity, for the establishment of new conformity assessment bodies, to assist policymakers and support policies for SME development, on the one hand, and policymakers and infrastructure development policies, on the other, to coordinate support for the development of new conformity assessment bodies in a coordinated and targeted way, taking into account the needs of SMEs, but also the functionality and economic sustainability of such bodies.

The guide was prepared within the project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH”. The publication is available only in local language.

Year of release: 2020

Authors: B. Eng. Brane Novaković, Dr Stevo Borojević, prof.




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