Preparation of action plans to improve the business environment in Brcko, Gracanica and Zenica

As an important part of the process of implementation of joint program EU and German government to support local governance and economic development in BiH – EU ProLocal, implemented by GIZ, Eda organized and moderated workshops with representatives of Gracanica municipality and Brcko District, where action plans for the implementation of priority measures to improve business environment were drafted. Prioirity measures were previously selected in cooperation with representatives of the local economy – the owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises from key economic sectors.

Beginning of May, a workshop on the same topic will be organized for representatives of the City of Zenica, what would be the end of this project stage, creating realistic planning framework for the implementation of improvements of economic environment in these three local governments. The improvements were defined in close cooperation between the representatives of local administrations and key local businesses, holders of economic development in their respective communities.