Research on digitization in the economy

Representatives of Eda, together with German consultants, are participating in the research on the current level of digitization in metal and wood processing companies in selected municipalities, with the aim of creating recommendations for improving that level and related capacity. So far, meetings have been held with directors of 10 metal and 5 wood processing companies. At the meetings, current level and areas of application of ICT were discussed, as well as the possibilities to improve this area, which may influence the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies. During February, planned interviews will also include organizations and institutions that support enterprises.

The plan is also to organize round tables where the preliminary findings of the research will be presented and discussed with the key stakeholders, while the final findings of the research on digitization will be published in the study.

The project “Information technologies as an incentive for enterprise competitiveness in BiH” is financed by GIZ (within the EUProLocal program) and implemented by PEM Consult in cooperation with Eda.