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Standardized Methodology for Strategic Planning and Management of SME Development, pre-final version

Author Eda

Description: The methodology should enable harmonization of SME strategies and policies, developed and implemented at the relevant planning levels, with the European framework, in order to facilitate and accelerate European integration of BiH in this area, as well as to complete the SME development management cycle according to the same methodological matrix. It is also expected that the methodology will facilitate horizontal harmonization of relevant sectoral strategies and policies with SME-focused strategies and policies at the relevant planning levels, and vertical harmonization of SME-focused policies and plans between the relevant planning levels, especially having in mind shared competences. The methodology was prepared within the project “European Small Business Act as a Framework for Strategies and Policies for SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina – SBA in BiH”.

Year of release: 2018

Authors: An inter-institutional team comprised of representatives of institutions in charge for creation of strategies and policies to support SME development at different administrative levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely:

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH – Sector for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship;
  • Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts;
  • RS Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining – SME development department;
  • Department for Economic Development, Culture and Sport and Department for European Integration of Brcko District.

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