Successful start of work on drafting the Quality Infrastructure Strategy in B&H

The first meeting of the Working Group for drafting the Quality Infrastructure Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina took place at the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on Monday, December 11, 2023. The Working Group was established by the decision of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and consists of 43 members representing institutions directly or indirectly involved in quality infrastructure at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both entities, and the Brčko District.

The Quality Infrastructure Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to create conditions for aligning the country’s quality infrastructure system with the European model. It aims to define the improvement of the transposition system of EU directives and meet EU conditions in this area, facilitating progress toward EU membership. The strategy also aims to enable the use of EU funds for development in this area, contribute to providing businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the benefits of a modern business environment based on European principles, and reduce costs to enhance competitiveness in the international market. Additionally, it will contribute to protecting citizens from unsafe products.

During the first meeting of the Working Group, after an open and dynamic discussion, consensus was reached on the Rules of Procedure, the methodology for drafting the Strategy, and the work plan tailored to the process of creating strategic documents. An agreement was also reached, and commitments were made to prepare initial materials for the 2nd meeting of the Working Group, scheduled for February 2024 in the form of a two-day workshop.

The logistical, moderation, and technical support for the Working Group in the process of developing this strategy is provided by the project “Advanced implementation of the Small Business Act BiH2EU – SBA in BiH2EU” which is implemented by Eda in cooperation with the Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA and financed by Sweden.