Support for enterprise innovation in Trebinje and East Sarajevo

With the Development Agency of the city of Trebinje (TREDEA) and the Development Agency of East Sarajevo (RAIS), contracts were signed on the implementation of the project “Introduction of innovations in SMEs within the framework of the voucher program” for the area of the city of Trebinje and the city of East Sarajevo.

The projects are intended to provide SMEs with professional support for the introduction of innovations by improving existing or developing new products, services or processes, including digitization and innovations in the area of marketing.

For the realization of the projects BAM 75.000 has been provided for each of the localities, while the project implementation period is 12 months. The projects are part of efforts to improve dimension 8b of the SBA profile of BiH (Innovation policy for SMEs).

The project will be implemented within the project “Advanced Implementation of Small Business Act Framework in BiH2EU – SBA in BiH2EU” which is being implemented by Eda and funded by Sweden.