Support in establishing and developing of e-commerce solutions

Digitalization of business is a trend and a challenge that company directors face every day. In the process of digital transformation of companies, the development of appropriate e-commerce solutions is of great importance.

The Association for Internet Trade “eComm” operates in BiH, whose goal is to improve the standards of the e-commerce industry in BiH and bring it closer to world trends. Among the founders of the Association are some of the pioneers of the e-commerce industry, such as the company PIK d.o.o. (OLX), as well as a significant part of the IT industry, represented through the “Bit Alliance” Association, all with the decisive support of the “MarketMakers” project funded by the Swiss Government.

In the past period, the Association organized an e-commerce academy and conference, a series of educational webinars, as well as the first syndicated e-commerce survey in BiH, which is available to members of the Association. Another advantage of membership is that members get free or preferential access to the Association’s services.

More information about the Association is available here and on the web page of the Association.

Eda cooperates with the Association “eComm” within the project “MarketMakers”.