The deadline for expressing interest in technical support in the field of energy efficiency and energy management has been extended to 15.8.2021.

Interested SMEs, which need to improve energy efficiency and energy management, will be provided with technical support through funding for training in energy efficiency and energy management, and conducting energy audits, in order to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and experiences of SMEs within these areas will be initiated. Technical support will be provided by hiring certified energy managers and auditors.

Within the public call, technical support is envisaged for 16 SMEs.

The approximate period for carrying out activities, ie providing technical support, is August 15 – November 30, 2021. Period of implementation of activities for applications submitted until August 1, 2021. remains August 1 – November 30.

Public call with detailed information is available at:

The public call is open from the day of publication on the Eda website, until the selection of 16 SMEs interested in technical support, no later than August 15, 2021.

The public call was published within the project “European Small Business Act as a framework of SME strategies and policies in BiH – SBA in BiH”, funded by Sweden.