The EU and the ILO supported the certification of the participants of professional training for assistants in accounting

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, in Prnjavor, certificates were awarded to the participants of the professional training for assistant in accounting. The training, which was organized and implemented by the Local Partnership for Employment Prnjavor within the LEP II project, was successfully completed by 22 participants, who were registered as unemployed at the Employment Service of the Republic of Srpska. Certificates were awarded by Ms. Biljana Cvijanović Klokić, Head of the Bureau of the Employment Service of the Republika Srpska in Prnjavor and Mr. Ljubiša Šikarac, Acting Head of the Department for Local Economic Development and Social Activities of the Municipality of Prnjavor.

The training lasted 120 teaching hours, of which 80 hours were practical instructional-consultative teaching. The aim of the training was that through real examples from practice, the participants become capable of independently managing the company’s business books, implementing business changes in a given period of time, forming a financial result and closing the business books in accordance with legal regulations and international accounting standards.

That they succeeded in this is evidenced by some of the comments of satisfied training participants:

Many thanks to all professors for their patience, understanding and imparted knowledge. I am delighted with how much effort and desire to train us you entered into this process with us. You are all so dedicated to each of us, well done! Nataša from Prnjavor, 29 years old

Thank you for selflessly sharing your knowledge, skills, top-notch training, and the opportunity for everyone to learn about working on real software. I think that such opportunities should never be missed and I hope that you will hold many more trainings. Biljana from Prnjavor, 45 years old

I am also glad that I got this opportunity in the best possible way to be able to see the essence of bookkeeping and accounting, how it is actually done. As I mentioned, we didn’t have programs at school, we just wrote in notebooks and drew tables. I understood the procedures and it is interesting for me to work through the software. Sandra from Prnjavor, 24 years old

Not too fast, detailed, perfect! Especially for beginners. Andrea from Prnjavor, 37 years old

I want to praise the coaches. I started from 0, but literally and I learned something. Now I’m already entering the program, I’m finding my way and I’m satisfied with how much I’ve learned so far. I would like to thank all the professors for their patience and knowledge that they selflessly imparted to us, for their wind at our backs, so that we can do it… Brankica from Prnjavor, 55 years old

The training was conducted by the Center for Adult Education Eduka within the project “Sustainable Partnership for Employment” implemented by the Local Partnership for Employment Prnjavor.

Local Partnership for Employment Prnjavor is one of 20 partnerships established in BiH within the project “EU Support to Local Employment Partnerships – Phase II” (LEP II), funded by the European Union with 4 million euros and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). The project aims to contribute to the improvement of employment in local communities through local employment partnerships and to improve the skills and employment opportunities of disadvantaged people in the labor market. For more information about the LEP II project, visit and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).