Gratitude for the Support

Today, we were pleasantly surprised by the letter we received from the representatives of the Center of Secondary Schools “Ivo Andrić” from Prnjavor, regarding the successfully conducted training program for wood CNC machine operators, which was realized within the framework of the project “EU Support to Local Employment Partnerships – Phase II” (LEP II).

We are sharing the letter in its entirety:

Dear Jelena,

I want to express sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire teaching team who conducted the training, for the immense assistance and wholehearted support in the preparation and implementation of this project component that has further equipped us and opened possibilities for continued collaboration with businesses, the municipality, and the Employment Bureau. Through this project, we’ve come to understand the aspirations of our former students to be skilled and work within the local market. They have even expressed a desire for further advancement in the field of CNC technology, as we managed to broaden their horizons and open doors to new prospects in this field.

Because of all these reasons, Jelena, we extend immeasurable thanks to you as the project manager, and to your entire team, which timely recognized the needs of our job market.

Thank you immensely.

Kind regards!

Mr. Dragoslav Ninković

Mr. Slavko Radovanović

Ms. Mira Malić

Mr. Slobodan Radonjić

Mr. Duško Karakaš

These words are an additional motivation for us, not only to persevere in the activities we have been continuously engaged in for the past 25 years, but also to learn and become even better. With partners like these, and there are more of them, many things can change for the better.