– What we do?

For 20 years already, Eda has been working on creation and application of knowledge necessary for development of enterprises and local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans. We are focused on transformation of management – from reactive, to creative.

Mission: Eda facilitates transformation of management on the Balkans.

We are active in three areas, where we facilitate:

  • Evolution of sustainable policies and effective institutions in the complex context – Eda as a Think Tank.
  • Transformation of SME operations towards increased added value – Eda as a Workshop.
  • Transition of public administration to good governance – Eda as a Guide.

– What makes us different?

Eda is one of few organizations which in its work combines successfully research approach in order to understand context and nature of problems well, and development support that focuses on finding practical, feasible and creative solutions. Combining these two mutually complementary approaches, a synergetic effect (1 + 1 = 3) is created, which enables creation and delivery of value for partners and customers.

We have been active in development area for 20 years, also longer than other development and think tank organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The experience we have gained during this period allows us a deep understanding of the local context and hidden factors that enable or inhibit success of development projects. Working with many decision-makers and practitioners we have earned trust and reputation, which make one of the most important segments of our intangible assets.

Our main strength is stable team of 12 people with complementary knowledge and experiences which are combined and applied in teamwork. The team is dedicated to continuous learning, adoption of new methodologies/tools and gaining experience in their application to help our partners and customers to respond efficiently to increasingly complex challenges they face. Eda’s team complements large network of associates in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Responsibility and openness (O2) are oxygen of our work. We like to work in a relaxed atmosphere in which long and deeply suppressed creativity of our partners and clients comes to the surface.

– How do others perceive us?

In the areas in which we work, we are recognized as leader in technical support for municipalities and cities as well as an initiator of key projects and changes improving competitiveness of enterprises. Additionally, we help both of them in very targeted policy development and advocacy in order to create better preconditions and environment for their development.

How our clients and partners perceive us and to what extent they are satisfied with cooperation with us, is presented in findings of the research that we conduct periodically. Findings of the research provide a basis for our further development, while their results for 2017 can be downloaded here.