From Reactive to CREATIVE – by CREATING vs Corrupting

We start from our mission: facilitating and accelerating the transformation of management from reactive to creative, primarily within enterprises, using targeted policies and support instruments that promote such changes by the public sector.

We start with the assumption that only through creation (of new ideas, products, processes, networks, business models, better jobs, and more stimulating work environments, as well as policies and instruments that enable them) we can stimulate, shape, and promote new patterns of values, behavior, and cooperation, gradually narrowing the expansion and impact of currently dominant patterns of economic and societal corruption (politicization, subservience, sycophancy, crime, corruption). Our aim is to achieve a common purpose, which consists of COLLECTIVE AND SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION.

In this endeavor, our main role is FACILITATION, and the key resources at our disposal are a deep UNDERSTANDING of the local context and the hidden factors that enable or hinder the success of development endeavors, coupled with the CREDIBILITY we possess with companies, domestic institutions, donors, and international organizations, as well as a CONSTANT LEARNING of new
approaches, methodologies, and tools, which we creatively apply in response to the challenges faced by our partners and collaborators.

We are ready to facilitate and support the strategic introduction and implementation of SMART SPECIALIZATION, both methodologically and substantively. Similar to the strategic framework for SME development, we also need a harmonized framework in this case, which will overcome the existing constraints of an asymmetric administrative structure of the country and economy with low
coordination levels, without undermining and politicizing matters of competence. Furthermore, the research and decision-making on the focuses and priorities of smart specialization should significantly involve representatives from the private sector, especially from growing small and medium-sized enterprises, which constitute our priority target group and where our credibility is unquestionable.

In a similar manner and with similar motives, we are ready to support the overcoming of the longstanding stagnation regarding quality infrastructure and make a strategic breakthrough in this area, in the best interest of SMEs.